National Child Day

Every year, November 20th is National Child Day.  Proclaimed by the Government of Canada in 1993, it celebrates two historic events for children - the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the United Nations  Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20, 1989.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was ratified by the Canadian Government on December 11, 1991.  Likewise, the Saskatchewan Legislature confirmed its own support earlier on the very same date, with the Provincial Government stating:

“Support for the Convention is essential because it reaffirms our responsibility for the care and well-being of all children in our society. The Convention also serves as a reminder that as long as there are still children in this province who are not receiving the care and protection to which they are entitled, there is more which must be done.”

For teacher, caregiver and youth resources about National Child Day visit the Public Health Agency of Canada.


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